Foundation Course in Acting

Learn the craft of acting at an institution that’s trained performers for 70 years

Course dates:

Autumn: 21 September to 21 December 2019
Spring: 4 January to 4 April 2020
Summer: 25 April to 11 July 2020

Times: Three classes each week: Tuesdays 7.15 - 8.35pm; Saturdays 3.15 - 6.30pm; and either Tuesdays 8.45 - 10.05pm or Thursday 7.15 - 8.35pm
Duration: 1 year (part-time)
Course fee: : £321 per term, payable by direct debit in three instalments of £107;
or £309 per term if paid in advance.
Level: Equivalent to first year undergraduate
Tutors: David Emmet, Nicholas Jonne Wilson & David Brown


If you want to take the art of acting seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously, then our intensely practical part-time course is for you.  Each week you’ll take specialised classes in Acting, Body Energy in Performance, and Voice and Speech.

Our hands-on course is aimed at those who want to make a commitment to becoming an actor – either to pursue a professional career, or to develop their skills in stage performance.

Unlike many other training providers we deliver our training in a working theatre which produces 15-20 professional-standard productions each year.

The course receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from students, and is recommended by tutors at many leading drama schools.

Module 1: Acting

In your acting classes you’ll be rehearsing and performing scenes every week. You’ll gain an all-round practical understanding of the art of acting, enabling you to approach theatre from Greek Tragedy and Shakespeare to Ibsen, Chekhov, Brecht, Beckett and a range of modern playwrights.

Developed from Stanislavski, our course will train you in the actor’s art of creation and expression – the ability ‘to create the inner life of a human spirit and to express it in artistic form’.

You’ll develop your imagination in order to create believable characters, your emotional sensibility to respond to dramatic situations, and your capacity to understand human motivations and behaviours.

An essential part of your training will involve interplay – working jointly with other artists to create pieces of theatre. You’ll support fellow actors, and engage with directors, designers, sound and lighting technicians, and stage managers.

Module 2: Body Energy in Performance

Dedicated body and movement classes will train you to understand the relationship between emotional and physical energy and how these energies are responsible for the development of character.

In life, the body is hot-wired to react first and think later.  By harnessing this power you will be able to create the strongest performance in the most natural, holistic and truthful manner.

The Body Method will train you to read body language in others and to discover the powerful possibilities of true emotional interplay.

Module 3: Voice and Speech

In this class you’ll learn how to yell for hours without losing your voice.  You will also learn how to speak quietly, but still be heard from the back row. 

Voice work helps build an instrument that has power and stamina, flexibility and expressivity: a voice that effortlessly reveals the character’s inner world. 

Freedom from physical tensions, alignment, breath, resonance and articulation work are the corner stones of the voice curriculum.

You’ll gain an understanding of your own voice and speech habits, so that you can free yourself of habits that limit you in rehearsal or performance and craft new mannerisms for the characters you portray. 

Questors Membership

As a Questors student you enjoy all the facilities and benefits of membership of The Questors, including free tickets to all productions by The Questors during the year (except the Christmas show).

Equity Membership

As a student on the Foundation Course in Acting you are eligible to join Equity as a student member.

What can I do after this course?

The majority of students who complete the Foundation Course in Acting apply for the Advanced Performance Course, to further develop their skills in acting in front of public audiences in our working theatre.

Recent graduates have also gained places at RADA, Guildhall, LAMDA, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and most other leading drama schools. Others have gone on to careers on stage and screen.

Many graduates join our theatre company and act in Questors productions performed in our Judi Dench Playhouse and Studio Theatre.

Entry requirements

Prior training in acting is not necessary. All applicants attend an audition and interview where they can demonstrate their acting potential and commitment to developing their performance skills.

Minimum age is 18 years. Although most students are aged 18-30 you can be accepted at any age.


£321 per term, payable by direct debit in three instalments of £107;
or £309 per term if paid in advance. Find out about scholarships and bursaries.

How to apply

Complete the online application form on the link below. All applicants will be invited to an audition and interview. We want to assess your talent and commitment and find out what your experience is. It doesn't matter if you have no experience at all if you have the potential and the right attitude.

You should start preparing for your audition as soon as you have applied. For your audition you should prepare two short pieces, each lasting about two minutes and contrasting in style. These pieces should be from a play, and preferably a single speech. There is no requirement that one should be Shakespeare. Choose pieces that appeal to you and which you feel you can get into – and learn them by heart. You will also be asked to act an impromptu scene.

The main audition period is between 25 August and 8 September. A special early audition can be arranged if you are unable to attend during this period. No auditions will be held between 4th and 24th August. Auditions will only be held after 8th September if there are still places available. Some applicants will be invited to come for a second audition on Thursday 12th September at 7.00pm, and you are advised to keep this evening free.

Please apply by Monday 2nd September. If you apply after this date we cannot guarantee that there will still be audition times available.

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